Regulatory background

AuthorOvcak Kos, Maja
Consum er mar ket stud y on the fun ctio ning of the r eal estate servi ces for consum ers in the EU Coun try Fiche Sloven ia
1. Regulat ory backgrou nd
1.1 Lev el of regulat ion in the country
Ta ble 1: L eve l o f r egu lat ion
Leve l o f r egul ation
Sou rce of re lev ant leg isla tio n
On going dis cussi on on
re gula tio n/ de re gulat ion ( if app lica ble ):
curr en t st at e o f aff air s a nd m ain
ar gum ent s in the de bat e
Re al esta te
tr a nsactions 2
Stri ctly regulated
Fram ework regu lation
Law of Propert y Code (SPZ)
Housin g Act (SZ -1)
Prot ection of Bu yers od Apart men ts and
Sin gle Occupancy Build ings Act ( ZVKSES)
Land Register Act ( ZZK-1 )
Code of Oblig ations ( OZ).
New legislati on in process reg ard ing ten ancy
and adm inistrat ion of Apar tm ent Buildin gs.
No ta ry syst em ( or
la wy er/ con ve yan cer
Stri ctly regulated
Not ary Act ( ZN)
Attorn eys Act (ZOd v)
Non e
Pr ofessio n of est at e
ag e nts
Mainly strictl y reg ulat ed
Real Esta te Agen cies Act (ZNPosr)
New leg islat ion is b eing pre pare d at the
ti me: Real Estat e Act (Z NPosr-1 ) .
2 E.g. lim ita tion s or pro hibit ion s of cert ain t ran sacti ons; spe cific form alit y r equ irem ent s etc .
3 Only in coun tri es wh ere nota ries do n ot e xist or do no t h ave a mo nopo ly on con veya ncing .

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