Consumer situation in the market

AuthorHristova, Nataliya
Consum er mar ket stud y on the fun ctio ning of the r eal estate servi ces for consum ers in the EU Coun try Fiche Bulgaria
11. Consum er situation in th e mar ket
11.1 Consum er right s
Ta ble 26: Con sum er righ ts
Are th ere specific co nsum er rig hts in
th e cont ext of real est ate t ran sacti ons
and resi dent ial tenan cies in your
cou ntr y?
In part icular: are resid ential ten ants
tr eat ed as consum ers?
Wit h r espect to buy ers
Righ ts t o de clare nullit y of clau ses in mort gage cont ract , d efined as un fair by the
law . Th e Con sum er p rot ecti on l aw -Chap ter VI r egul ates h ypot hesizes of unfair
te rms i n con sum er contracts, incl udin g fi nancial serv ice contracts. According t o
Art .146 §1 the unf air clauses in contr acts a re i nval id, if they have not been agr eed
in divi dually . I n t his case, bor row ers un der cr edit agreem ent s, t reated by the Law as
con sumers, have t he r igh t t o see k lega l pr oceed ings f or d eclar ing th e nu llit y o f
un fair te rms in credit agr eem ent s, incl uded in mor tgage contr acts. The sam e r ight
has t he Con sume r Prot ection Comm issio n too, reg arding unfair clau ses in the
gen eral te rms of cont ract s, inclu ding credi t agr eement s.
Wit h r espect to selle rs
Wit h r espect to ten ants
Deposit prot ecti on sch eme, i.e. the op port uni ty of t enan ts t o of fset t he d eposit paid
upon conclu sion of a rent cont ract w ith unpaid debt s up on cont ract ’s term ina tion .
Wit h r espect to
Which exi stin g m ark eting pra ctices
are non -com plian t w ith nat ion al
consu mer legislation?
Non-ex isti ng off ers for sal e of r eal est ate in orde r t o at tr act consu mer s; paym ent of com mi ssion s (even
minimal) for view ing o f real estat e sal es of fers; pr ovid ing unr elia ble inform ation abo ut the pr oper ty (m ost
oft en abo ut it s clean bu ild-up area, abo ut the price, specified by seller ) or m isrepr esentat ion of i nfor mati on
abo ut hidden prop erty ’s fault s, know n t o r eal esta te agen t; off erin g or adv ertising pr oper ty wit h fa lse or
un specif ied ownershi p in form at ion; concealm ent of p aid comm issi ons b y r efusal to issue paym ent docum ents;
Which exi stin g m ark eting pra ctices
are non -compli ant wit h EU consu mer
legislat ion?
As a bove
Are th ere existi ng m ark etin g practi ces
det riment al to con sumer s, ev en if n ot
necessari ly illegal, in bot h dom estic
and cro ss-bor der transact ion s?
As a bove

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