Professional services regulation: notaries

AuthorHristova, Nataliya
Consum er mar ket stud y on the fun ctio ning of the r eal estate servi ces for consum ers in the EU Coun try Fiche Bulgaria
7. Professional ser vices regulation: notar ies
7.1 Mar ket entry and st ruct ure regulation
Ta ble 1 6: Mark et en tr y a nd str uct ure regu lat ion
Regu lati on
Sub ject ive req uir emen ts
The qualifica tion s
(d iplom as, exam s,
con cour s) r equir ed t o
becom e a not ary in your
cou nt ry:
Hig her Law Degr ee ( Master level) ;
License for lega l Practi ce ( as r equi red by Judiciary Act)
3 year s of exp erience ( incl udin g ex per ience as a ju dge, a p rosecut or, an inv esti gat or, a la wyer ,
a b ailiff , a legal cou nsellor , a legal scienti st, an invest igat ing poli ce officer at the Mini stry of
interi or or in the Depa rtm ent of Def ence with a high er l aw d egree, an inv estigat ing In spect or
at Custom s Agen cy w ith hig her law degr ee). Legal expe rien ce m ay also be acqu ired under the
leg islat ion of a Mem ber Stat e of t he EU, a M emb er St ate o f t he EEA, and Swi tzer land, if it is
acqui red on i ts te rrito ry.
Has passed a successf ul com peti tion in a form of writ ten an d or al ex ami nation ;
There is a v acanc y in the area (1 not ary per 10 000 peop le)
All req uirem ent s are s ett led in Nota ries a nd Not ar y Acti vit y Ac t 1 99 7
Obj ecti ve r equi rem ents
Do num erus clauses and
ot her ob ject ive
requir ement s exist ?
Yes. The Not ary is a per son, wh o has to b e less than 60 yea rs o f ag e; has not b een sen tenced
to im pri sonm ent for in tenti onal crime e ven if s/ he is r ehabi lita ted, is n ot deprived of t he
capa city of a not ary , is n ot d epri ved of the r ight to pur sue a com mer cial o r legal profession,
has not b een conv inced of ban krupt cy, is not in i nsolv ency proce eding s. The Notary cannot be
a Minist er, a Me mbe r of Parl iam ent, a m ayor or m uni cipal counci llor . S/ h e cannot w ork on a
contr act of emplo yment relat ed t o an other legal professi on, to carr y ou t com mer cial acti vit ies
or t o partici pate i n m anag emen t or supervi sory bod ies o f comm ercia l com pan ies o r
cooper ati ves. The Nota ry has to b e en ter ed i n t he r egister of t he Nota ry Cham ber.
Accor ding to Ar t. 10 of a Not ary Law the not ary’s area of a ctiv ity coincides w ith the ar ea of a
relev ant distri ct co urt . For ever y 1 0 0 00 inhabita nts one place of a no tar y is opened .
Cit izenshi p re quir eme nts
Are f oreign cand idat es
adm itted de iure and
also d e fa cto und er t he
sam e con dition s as
nat ionals?
Yes. If t hey are cit izens of a Mem ber State o f t he EU, of a Mem ber St ate of t he EEA or of t he
Swiss Confederati on.

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