Item bank refinement

AuthorCastaño, Jonatan; Centeno, Clara; Jakobsone, Mara; Kluzer, Stefano; Troia, Sandra; Vuorikari, Riina; Cabrera, Marcelino; O'Keeffe, William; Zandbergs, Uldis; Clifford, Ian; Punie, Yves
DigCompSAT: A Self-reflection Tool for DigComp
1. Selection of items to be
Decision of criteria for item elimination to be considered in th e revision of the Item
Bank, but not applied automatically
The hierarchy for item elimination
Discrimination value of the item
Dimensionality, items weakly related to digital competence or specific areas
DIF, results of differential item functioning analysis indicating large (L) or moderate
(M) impact of item score for some of the sub-groups of participants
Difficulty index > 80%, as they are considered easy items
Removal of all 5 ‘fake’ items and 18 ‘true’ items
82 items selected for the Pilot 2 test
2. Items improvement
50 items unchanged
15 items underwent minor amendments and editing
17 items underwent more significant revisions (rephrasing, adding examples etc.)
2 answering options modified
Update the Item Bank based on Pilot 1 quantitative
and qualitative results
Cut the number of items to achieve a test-taking
duration in the 20-30 minutes range
1. Selection of items to be removed 2 3
12. Items improvement 3
1 2 3. Updating the profiency levels of the items

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